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Do you hold any professional accreditations or industry certifications?

Front Range Stone is fully accredited by the Natural Stone Institute and is a member of Artisan Group, an elite North American network of independent countertop professionals. It is very important to work with a stone fabricator that is not just a “dues paying” member of an industry organization, but that they hold some type of certification for compliance, assurance and quality craftsmanship.

What grade of stone do you sell? Is it first choice or first quality? Standard or commercial?

There are different grades of stone just as there are different grades of diamonds. Our selection at Front Range Stone is the highest quality granite, marble, soapstone, and wood surfaces imported from the best sources.

What kinds of warranties do you offer?

Our warranties cover issues such as stains against food and beverages and damage. Make sure to discuss this with the team at Front Range Stone so you know what the warranty entails and covers and for what period of time.

Can you repair any cracks that develop over the life of the countertop?

Yes, as a professional stone fabricator, our team can most likely repair your countertop if it is damaged as a result of abuse on the part of the homeowner.

Will you provide service after installation?

As Colorado’s premier countertop fabricator, we will provide continuous customer service, personalized visits and any necessary care after your counters are installed. Our team at Front Range Stone will be readily available to address any issues and questions.

Do you offer other surfacing options such as quartz, solid surfaces and eco-friendly product?

At Front Range Stone we offer the highest quality granite, marble, quartz, recycled surfaces and more imported from the best sources around the globe.

Does your company handle all of the fabrication and installation of my stone?

When you choose Front Range Stone, you will be working with a fabrication and installation team that is trusted, respected and professional. As a premier countertop fabricator in Colorado we employ highly qualified, experienced personnel who are knowledgeable professionals in their field.

Can I buy my sinks and accessories from you?

Yes, Front Range Stone carries sought after brands such as Kohler. Offering sinks and bath accessories allows us to show you actual products in our showroom that can be coordinated to fit your needs, design style and budget. It also makes it easier to purchase all of your accessories from one location.

Who does the plumbing for my kitchen sink and/or bath accessories?

Front Range employees expert plumbing professionals that will be handling the plumbing installation and hook-up.

Will you help and guide me with my countertop project?

Yes, Front Range Stone will deliver complete one-on-one project consultation, guidance and design expertise. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with hassle-free sales and the highest level of service and support.

Ready to get started?

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