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Step 1: Grab a pencil, paper, measuring tape, and/or ruler.

View Measuring Guide

Step 2:  Roughly draw the shape of your countertop space. Your drawing does not need to be to scale. See the Measuring Guide above as an example.

Step 3: Using your tape measure, measure in inches the dimensions of all the countertop space you would like surfaced. Put the measurements on your rough drawing as you go. Please indicate the approximate location of any required cutouts for under mount or drop-in sinks, drop-in cooktops, etc. (See example below.) If you would like a backsplash, please indicate where you would like it by drawing a double line along that length of the countertop. It is best to round up to the nearest ½ “ for pricing purposes.

Step 4: Mark each top (Top 1, top 2, etc.)

Step 5: Show rounded corners and any special details if required.

Step 6: Indicate product (I. E. Corian®, Silestone®), color, and any other information that will help us quote your top as accurately as possible.

Step 7: For an estimate, email your drawing to Front Range at

Interested in getting an estimate?

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