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At Front Range Stone we strive to bring our customers high-quality materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. We know that searching for new countertops can feel intimidating due to the many decisions involved and things to consider. To help you through the process, we’ve prepared a brief overview of some essential granite information. Our Granite 101 blog will equip you with more knowledge on this natural stone so you can decide if granite is the right material for you.

What is granite?

Granite is a type of natural stone that has been used for years in numerous ways. Granite is a timeless material with many characteristics, one being durability, which makes it a top choice for a countertop surface. Granite is one of the most durable natural stones on the market when compared to other options like marble. The formation of granite occurs under intense heat and pressure beneath the earth. As a result, granite becomes strong, hard and dense. It is a perfect option for high traffic areas such as the kitchen countertops or a fireplace surround for a unique design feature.

What color does granite come in?

Granite slabs come in various colors. This can be attributed to the minerals that become trapped inside the stone during the cooling of the molten rock. The color of granite will vary from slab to slab and that’s why it is important to view your stone of choice in person so you can see the variation in color and shading. Granite slabs can feature blues, grays, greens, yellows, whites and blacks so you are sure to find the color that fits the vision of your project. If you are interested in viewing our granite selection in person you can schedule an appointment or stop by our showroom located in Englewood Colorado, right outside of Denver!

Popular Granite Colors in Denver

Adonis White Granite

Looking at the design and color of Adonis White granite, you can see how artistic nature is. This stunning white granite resembles the classic and ageless beauty that natural stone offers. Adonis White granite can fit both the antique and contemporary design of homes and business buildings.

adonis white granite countertops
shadow blue granite countertops

Shadow Blue Granite

Timeless and beautiful, granite continues to be a popular choice for countertops. With its one of a kind look, Shadow Blue granite features stunning gold and blue tones that will bring a unique touch into any space.


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal features subtle gold veins against a soft white background. This natural stone is durable and known for its wispy and dramatic veins like marble. Use this elegant natural stone to create beautiful kitchen countertops, waterfall islands and more.

Taj Mahal

Fantasy Brown

Fantasy Brown is filled with classic neutrals that many of us love. This granite has the perfect mix of shades of brown and gray that pop against the white background.


What are the advantages of granite countertops?

Using granite in your project can give the space a professional, high-end look. Along with a great look, it also provides durability so you can be confident your countertops will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life with proper care. Choosing this surface can even boost the value of your home in Colorado because it is seen as a desirable premium material.

What are the challenges of granite countertops?

Some challenges with granite occur when the countertop is not sealed correctly or the sealant wears off without being resealed. Granite is a porous material which means unsealed or poorly sealed granite countertops can absorb liquids producing unwanted stains. It is important to have your countertop regularly by a professional to ensure its beauty and longevity.

To determine if your countertop needs to be resealed, you can complete the water test. Pour a few drops of water on the surface. After a few minutes, check to see if the water soaked in. If the surface darkened, it means the water got in, and the stone needs to be sealed. If the water did not absorb, you do not need to reseal at this time. If you’re considering granite, quartz is also a great maintenance-free, durable option. At Front Range Stone we carry a variety of quartz colors and designs.

Where can you use granite?

Granite is elegant enough to use in a formal, luxurious setting but is also versatile and functional enough to be used in contemporary spaces. It can also be used for a modern fireplace surround to give it a certain flair. Some additional spaces you can use granite in other than kitchen countertops are on a backsplash or as a bathroom vanity countertop. You can view our gallery to gather some inspiration!

Granite is one of a kind material and can give your home’s design a big boost but the surface you end up choosing is all up to your lifestyle and design preferences. If you are looking for more countertop information or design tips, check out our blogContact us today or visit our showroom Englewood, Colorado, right outside of Denver to get a quote on your next project!

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