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What are countertop Remnants?

After a large meal, where special food was made for the day, leftovers are usually inevitable. We make more than we need, or we usually end up with some scraps that weren’t used in the process. In the countertop world, remnants are your thanksgiving leftovers. When we cut slabs for large projects, we are usually left with smaller scraps that were left from the cutting process. These pieces are called remnants. Since we like to be as resourceful as possible with our quality slabs, these pieces become a great option for smaller projects and spaces. Remnants can be purchased at discounted prices, so they offer a variety of colors, textures and finishes for a fraction of the price. Love the idea of countertop leftovers? We’ve rounded up some ideal projects in which you can use quartz and granite remnants!

Bathroom Vanities

What most people don’t realize is that the countertop space in half baths or in powder rooms can be significantly smaller. These are great areas to save some money and incorporate some remnant pieces! You can achieve the same look and feel of luxurious quartz in a smaller area for only a fraction of the cost, and it’s also a plus that these slabs are non-porous and sturdy. Making sure these spaces are just as beautiful as the rest of your home can easily be achieved with remnant countertop slabs.

Custom Furniture

Small slabs of quartz or granite can also be incorporated in unusual ways, such as toppers for your furniture. Imagine how perfectly cohesive your space would look if your vanity matched your dresser, or if the kitchen island matched the coffee table. Remnant slabs are perfect for the customization of your existing home furnishings, elevating the space to a more luxurious finish!

Fireplace Surroundings

Framing your fireplace with your choice of stone can elevate the look of your space. Eye-catching granite, quartz or marble can transform your fireplace into a focal point in your home, be it your bedroom, living room, den or studio!

Small Countertop Islands

Luxury can be achieved whether your island space is large or small! Remnants are a perfect alternative for smaller kitchen spaces, enhancing the look and feel of the space while keeping your budget in mind! Alternatively, walk-in closets can be further customized with a small stone center if you have an island in the space.

Intrigued by the incredible variety remnants can offer? Take a look at our website today and find out how remnants can elevate your space into your dream home at only a fraction of the price!

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