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The Ultimate Quartz FAQ Guide on Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their exceptional features and aesthetic appeal. These beautiful surfaces look like natural stone but are engineered to last in the busiest of households. They are a fantastic choice for any modern home, adding both style and substance to your living space. In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops and why you should choose it for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel, Denver.

What Are Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops Made Of?

Quartz countertops are crafted from crushed natural quartz crystals mixed with resins, polymers, and pigments. This combination creates a durable and attractive surface perfect for a new kitchen remodel in Colorado Springs.

Are Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops a Natural Stone?

Quartz countertops are crafted from crushed natural quartz crystals mixed with resins, polymers, and pigments. This combination creates a durable and attractive surface perfect for a new kitchen remodel in Colorado Springs.

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The Advantages of Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops Denver

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Durability and Strength
One of the biggest advantages of quartz countertops is their remarkable durability and strength. They are highly resistant to scratches, stains, and impact, making them a long-lasting choice for kitchens or bathrooms.

Variety of Styles and Colors
Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops have an extensive range of in stock styles and colors, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home décor. From classic and timeless to modern and chic, there’s a quartz design for everyone.

Low Maintenance
Unlike natural stone countertops, quartz requires minimal maintenance. It doesn’t need sealing, and cleaning is a breeze with just soap and water. This low-maintenance feature is a significant plus for busy households.

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Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops vs. Other Countertop Materials

Quartz vs. Granite
While both quartz and granite countertops are durable and beautiful, quartz is non-porous, making it more resistant to stains and bacteria. Granite, on the other hand, is porous and requires sealing regularly.

Quartz vs. Marble
Marble countertops are elegant but porous, making them susceptible to staining and etching. Quartz offers similar aesthetics with superior durability and low maintenance.

Quartz vs. Laminate
Laminate countertops are budget-friendly but lack the durability and heat resistance of quartz. Quartz countertops offer a longer lifespan and enhanced aesthetics.

How Much Does Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops Cost?

Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops are the best value around. You get the highest quality in-stock quartz for the best price compared to comparable brands. With 5 Collections ranging in price, our Pro-Ferred Quartz works with every budget. Call us today for a free quote.

Maintaining and Cleaning Quartz Countertops

To keep your quartz countertops in top shape, simply clean them with mild soap and water. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads, which can damage the surface. Regular cleaning will maintain their luster.

Do Quartz Countertops Stain Easily?

No, quartz countertops are highly resistant to staining. They are non-porous and do not absorb liquids if spills are cleaned up promptly. We recommend using trivets and coasters if using any acidic liquids like wine, fruit juices and tomato sauces.

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What Is The Average Lifespan Of Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops?

With proper care, quartz countertops can last for 15 years or more, making them a long-term investment for your home.

Why Choose Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops?

Choosing Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops for your Colorado kitchen and bathroom is the best investment. You get the beautiful aesthetics and functionality of quartz at discounted prices.

Here at Front Range Stone Countertops, we carry a wide selection of Pro-Ferred Quartz colors in stock so you don’t have to wait. Our expert professionals will help you choose the perfect slab and stay with you throughout the countertop installation process. We specialize in residential and commercial projects from kitchen countertops to conference tables to fireplaces, we can do it all. We offer a variety of materials from natural stone, quartz, ultra-compact, solid surface, recycled surface, and laminate. We service all of Colorado including the Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Durango and Grand Junction areas.

Elevate your home’s elegance today with exquisite Pro-Ferred Quartz Countertops Denver. Contact us today or visit our showroom in Denver, Colorado.

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