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If the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, then the kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen. With the rise in open concept kitchen floor plans and larger spaces, kitchen islands are a must have for every home. These islands need to not only function as a storage, cooking and serving space but also function as a gathering space for entertaining family and friends. With limitless possibilities for customization, here are some kitchen island design ideas to incorporate in your kitchen remodel Denver.

Waterfall Kitchen Island

A waterfall kitchen island isn’t just a functional element in your kitchen; it’s a design masterpiece that seamlessly merges form and function. It is made to extend the countertop material down the sides, creating an effect that is as visually striking as it is practical. The continuous flow of the countertop material down to the floor not only adds a touch of modern elegance but also serves to conceal cabinet edges, presenting a clean and polished aesthetic. Picking the right countertop material like quartzite, marble or quartz countertops Denver is crucial. For a full “waterfall” effect, choose one with beautiful veining throughout the slab. The waterfall design is a bold statement but will be a definite show stopper. 


Double Kitchen Island

For the ultimate wow factor, the double island kitchen will not only double the amount of storage and prepping space but will also double the amount of compliments you will receive. In the double island kitchen, your countertops are the star of the show since it is what most people will notice about your kitchen. Any countertop material would work well but marble looking quartz countertops or veined granite countertops would elevate your kitchen to new heights. Here at Front Range Stone, we have the largest selection of quartz and granite countertops Denver has to offer. For the differences in our countertop materials, check out this blog.


Round Kitchen Island

A round kitchen island is a distinctive and space-efficient design that introduces a unique focal point to the kitchen. Round kitchen islands are often chosen for their ability to encourage social interaction, allowing individuals to gather around the island with ease. Their design versatility makes them suitable for various kitchen sizes and styles, offering a modern and elegant alternative to more conventional island shapes. Opt for quartz or granite countertops Colorado Springs with a bullnose edge or ogee edge profile. 

Narrow Kitchen Island

A narrow kitchen island is a space-saving solution designed for kitchens with limited square footage. Its streamlined design allows it to efficiently integrate into smaller spaces, providing a practical and stylish addition to the kitchen environment. Despite its size, this type of island can offer valuable storage options and, with a carefully selected countertop, can serve dual purposes such as a breakfast bar or a display surface. Consider a butcher block kitchen island or a contrasting kitchen island countertop for this design. For small islands, our countertop remnants could be a great budget friendly option. To learn more about remnants, check out this blog. 

Large Kitchen Island

A large kitchen island is a statement piece that dramatically enhances a kitchen space’s functionality and aesthetics. This design choice is particularly advantageous for spacious kitchens, where the island becomes a central hub for various tasks like seen in farmhouse kitchen islands. The generous countertop space can accommodate multiple chefs working simultaneously, making it an ideal solution for those who enjoy cooking together or hosting. You can opt for wispy veins or go for a bolder look like black quartz with white veins. 


L Shaped Kitchen With Island

An L-shaped kitchen island is a versatile and popular design choice that optimizes both workspace and sociability in a kitchen setting like a French Kitchen Island. This type of island is typically extending from the main countertop. One arm of the “L” often serves as a practical workspace, providing an additional surface for meal preparation, cooking, or other culinary activities. The arm of the “L” can be utilized for various purposes such as a breakfast bar. If you are considering a kitchen remodel Colorado Springs with this type of island, consider a kitchen island countertop with some movement or sparkle. For top trends in countertop colors, read our blog.

Square Kitchen Island

The square shape lends itself well to various kitchen layouts, fitting seamlessly into both small and large spaces. This design allows for ample countertop space, creating an efficient and organized workspace for meal preparation and cooking. Additionally, they provide a versatile surface for casual dining or socializing, making them not just practical but also conducive to a more inclusive and interactive kitchen environment. To visualize your dream island kitchen with the perfect kitchen countertop Denver, check out our visualizer.

Custom kitchen islands can make your kitchen feel more personalized. From specialized storage solutions to personalized countertop materials, each aspect can be curated to reflect the homeowner’s taste and enhance the overall flow of the kitchen. 

Here at Front Range, our expert staff is ready to help you choose the right countertop for your kitchen or bathroom renovation. We specialize in residential and commercial projects from kitchen countertops to conference tables to fireplaces, we can do it all. We offer a variety of materials from natural stone, quartz, ultra-compact, solid surface, recycled surface, and laminate from a variety of brands like Dekton, Cambria, Silestone, Viatera..etc. We service all of Colorado including the Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Durango and Grand Junction areas. Contact us today or visit our showroom in Denver, Colorado. 

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